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Founded in London's Soho district in 2008 by a chance meeting of a small group of highly successful veterans of the British menswear industry. We were all united by a shared vision to create an exciting new menswear brand that would elegantly stand out from the commonplace.

Now based in Soho - we are rapidly forging a brand deeply rooted in high quality heritage traditions - yet equally committed to offering modern, tasteful, stylish products you will be proud to own and wear.

Our mantra is modernity need not be at the expense of tradition - so we insist on working with small, creative, often family run artisan producers, in England, France and Italy.

Whatever fine material these makers produce, whether textiles or metals, these makers are the equivalent to "slow food" in as much they adhere to traditional high quality, time consuming production methods; making no shortcuts or compromises to cheapen or dull the end result. This, by default becomes "the best". Add to this our challenging, out of the ordinary and super stylish creative ideas and the result becomes a superlative, contemporary classic.

We believe (as did Coco Chanel) that 'the accessory' is the vital component in any discerning wardrobe, male or female. To accessorise intelligently and stylishly is the very key to being well dressed. Well coordinated ties, cufflinks, socks, pochettes and scarves are the springboard to looking outstanding.

Penrose accessories will offer you the opportunity to complement (never exactly match!) whatever you are wearing, be it a suit or indeed something less formal. Change the ensemble every day and every day will feel different... as will you.

Owning a Penrose item will enhance your daily life, put a pride in your step and win you admiring glances from every gender! Wearing Penrose will afford you years of elegant pleasure and enable you to comfortably, confidently, and stylishly stand out in the crowd!

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